Hello…. long time no see….. sorry for didn’t appear in this blog recently….as I am kinda busy with my daily work…….. and busy in nights …….and busy in dreams as well…….feel kinda pressure with my job and lack of inspriration of writing post…..bla bla bla bla……(a man can tell a thousand lies for one excuse… he he he!!)

Today, I going to steal some Glamour from What’s New in SolidWorks 2010 and I will do a review on “Maker Springs” macro – one of the Top 50 Macro which can be downloaded from 3D ContentCentral. This macro is downloadable via this link click here . I am not sure how many of you have downloaded this macro but after I tried this macro, I realized that this is a very very useful macro. I probably will vote this macro as “The Must have Macro for a Mechanical Engineer”.

As you can see from the video that I recorded, I have created an icon for this marco.

Thank you, Mr. Washington Santos for contributing such as great macro. I salute you!!

~ah lau~