Hi everyone, since we have very good response for the photo rendeiring contest, here we have decided to extend the due date until 4th October! For your information, this photo rendering contest was organized by IME in conjunction with the SoldWorks Innovation Day, the visitors of SolidWorks Innovation Day will be the judges! They will be entitiled to vote 3 best entries among all!
Below are the entires i have received when the due date is just around the corner~Some of the entries here are come from my students who previously dunno anything about SolidWorks! But now, from their entries, i can see they are growing! Great job man! I really feel touching when received all these great entries~Keep on designing good stuff in your life! I believe there willbe still some other nice entries that i will receive during these few days =) Enjoy the nice views–>
(p/s: remeber to render your file size in 4961*3508 pixel, you may reduce render quality (but maintain the A3 size )if your pc do not have sufficient memory)

Entry #24 From Chong Yik Seong Workbench

Entry #23 From Linus Miranda Key

Entry #22 From Chong Yong Hong Car rim

Entry #21 From Chong Chiew Choy Workbench
Entry Description: Sometimes you will lost in your work, just be patience, something is still there.
Entry #20 From Chan Yonsen Laptop

Entry #19 From Chong Chiew Choy 3D Connexion
Entry Description: Flying object using these state-of-time tool, you will feel like fying in the sky.

Entry #18 From Chua Liew Piau Bottle Pump

Entry #17 From Allen Tan Cheong Fu Workbench

Entry #16 From Allen Tan Cheong Fu Isuzu DMAX

Entry #15 From Mohamad Sobri Home Decoration
Entry Description: Plan Design Living Room Arrangement
Entry #14 From Leong Yew Hon DSLR Camera
Entry Description: A more stylish look of DSLR camera with highly reflective material at all edges as compared to the traditional DSLR cameras which are all black in colour.
Entry #13 From Leong Yew Hon 3D Connexion Mouse
Entry Description: It is design such a way that to be used with non-dominant hand (left for most). It is used to move or adjust 3D objects, maps and etc.

Entry #12 From Chua Yonsen Chess

Entry #11 From Jeffrey Chai Wen Hao Bedge

Entry #10 From Jeffrey Chai Wen Hao Chinese Chess