Do you want to get a Transformer Key Chain? Come on! Build your own key chain with SolidWorks! Here is my design by just transform the Transformer logos that i have created previously into a pair of key chain! Some of you may wonder how the chain is being created, so i would like to share some tips and steps over here…..
Note: Be careful, this is not suitable for couple keychain, because the logos are autobot & decepticon! haha….
First, select a plane (for example Front PLANE) to draw an arc to define the curve of the link.
One the same plane, insert another new sketch, draw out the shape of the chain. This will be the sweep path for you to create the first chain.


Create a new plane normal to the arc of the path as shown in the figure.


On the new created plane, draw out a circle, this will be the sweep profile.


Apply sweep feature and identify the sweep profile and sweep path

First Chain


Use curve driven pattern to obtain a 2nd chain lying on the arc. Define the arc in the 1st sketch as the driven direction. Follow the option setting as shown in the property manager of curve driven pattern.


Create one more plane by referring the 1st chain and the patterned copy. Choose a point and an axis as the reference in order to locate the new plane. (Note: you have to prepare the reference point in a 2D sketch (on FRONT PLANE in this example))


On the new plane, draw a shape represent the path for the 2nd chain.


On FRONT PLANE, open another sketch to draw the circle represent the profile.

STEP 10:

Apply sweep feature to create the 2nd chain. Under feature scope for the sweep function, select the body generated by the curve driven pattern (the 3rd chain),this will merge the new sweep feature together with the 3rd chain as one body in the part file.

STEP 11:

Apply curve driven pattern to copy the 2nd and 3rd chain, define the number of copies that you want to obtain along the curve.

Finaly, here’s the chain image rendered with PhotoView360!