Arihant Industrial Corp. Ltd.

“By standardizing on SOLIDWORKS, we’ve found it much easier and faster to complete product design cycles. Modeling parts and assemblies more quickly using mates and assembly capabilities—enables us to support greater throughput without having to add resources. With SOLIDWORKS, we can design a new slide in just three or four days.”

Rajen S. Shah, Managing Director

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About Arihant Industrial Corp. Ltd.

Spending a sunny afternoon at a local water park or the neighborhood playground has become an enjoyable part of the lives of children and families around the world, and Arihant Industrial Corp. Ltd. is committed to making the experience safe, fun, and exciting. As a leading designer and manufacturer of water park and playground equipment for customers worldwide—including Festival Fun Parks of California and Turku Park of Finland—Arihant draws from experience gained in creating equipment for its own popular, local water park: The Great Escape in Mumbai, India.

Offering over 300 products with more than 150,000 installations worldwide, Arihant focuses on leveraging the latest product development technologies to design and engineer safe, innovative pieces of water park and playground equipment. Since its founding in 1985, the company has seen dramatic growth sparked by its commitment to product quality.

Arihant chose SOLIDWORKS® design software as its new platform, acquiring 16 licenses. The company selected SOLIDWORKS because it’s easy to use, improves design visualization, and includes robust surfacing capabilities. “SOLIDWORKS is quite popular in India,” Mandal notes. “In addition to providing greater accuracy and a much better graphical representation of our products, it’s much easier to recruit talented designers and engineers who already know how to use SOLIDWORKS.”

Supporting Rapid, Global Growth

Since implementing SOLIDWORKS software as its primary development platform, Arihant has realized meteoric growth, boosting annual revenues by 250 percent in just two years. The water park and playground equipment manufacturer has leveraged SOLIDWORKS to support this substantial increase in business with the same number of designers and engineers by shortening design cycles by 50 percent and tripling production throughput. Mandal attributes roughly 70 percent of the expanded throughput to efficiencies associated with the move




Renewable Energy


SOLIDWORKS and Draftsight


  • Reduce Dimensioning Errors
  • Efficiency in Part/ Assembly Modeling
  • Effectiveness in producing 2D Drawings
  • Remarkable Speed in Rebuild Feature

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