“With Design Innovation, Solarah is ready to enhance the Landscape with World class solar-powered system”

Datuk Bruce Sho Umemoto, Entrepreneur . 

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About Solarah Sdn Bhd

In 2007 SOLARAH introduced SunPower to Malaysia. SOLARAH is Malaysia’s exclusive dealer of SunPower solar panels and products and Research & Development Incubator for the future.

Bringing The Best To Malaysia

SOLARAH is Malaysia’s exclusive dealer of SunPower solar modules and products. SunPower, a California based company, has the most efficient and reliable solar products in the industry today. They have a Guinness World Record to prove it.

SunPower has a range of roof mount and ground mount solutions. They manufacture modules that can withstand dramatic temperature changes, intense loads and can handle humid climates and shaded areas for a guaranteed 25 years.

Made in Malaysia: SunPower has a multi-billion Ringgit manufacturing plant in Melaka and is expected to produce more than 1,400 megawatts annually of high-efficienct solar cells. All SunPower panels sold in Malaysia will have SunPower cells made in the Melaka plant.



Renewable Energy


SOLIDWORKS and Draftsight


  • Reduce Dimensioning Errors
  • Efficiency in Part/ Assembly Modeling
  • Effectiveness in producing 2D Drawings
  • Remarkable Speed in Rebuild Feature

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