JL Audio, Inc.

“Doing documentation after the fact in a linear fashion is the old approach to development. With SOLIDWORKS Composer, we can accelerate time-to market by a full month.”

Stephen Turrisi, Director of Training and Technical Services.

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From its beginning as a pioneering manufacturer of premium subwoofer drivers for car stereo systems, JL Audio, Inc., has
grown to become one of the most respected brands in the audio industry. Based in Miramar, Florida, the company has consistently focused on unique engineering, superior quality, and high-performance audio to sustain its expansion into the home, mobile, powersports, and marine audio markets.

JL Audio not only broke new ground in the audio industry through the development of some of the first subwoofers specifically designed for automotive use, but also set an industry benchmark for technical support documentation through the creation of the JL Audio Reference Manual in the early 1990s. The audio systems manufacturer is passionate about everything involving audio systems, including the materials used to assemble, install, and service its products

Concurrent Documentation Preparation Saves Time

JL Audio first used SOLIDWORKS Composer software on its popular Stealthbox® line of hidden subwoofers. Using 3D scan data, JL Audio engineers designed vehicle-specific, fiberglass enclosures. While that process takes two to three weeks, creating the Stealthbox installation instructions used to take another month. Using SOLIDWORKS Composer, the company can develop documentation using the scan data, and then update the visuals once the design is finished.

Improving Documentation Quality, Automating BOM Creation

SOLIDWORKS Composer software also enables JL Audio to improve the quality of its documentation and automate bill of materials (BOM) creation. For example, the speaker manufacturer works closely with boat manufacturing partners. On a recent project with a large boat manufacturer, JL Audio needed to produce an instruction sheet on how to install a mounting bracket on the side of the boat. Engineers had provided a digital photograph showing how the bracket is mounted to a block of wood.

Using SOLIDWORKS Composer, Turrisi’s group utilized SOLIDWORKS files of the bracket and boat section to create a detailed animation of how to complete the installation and posted the animation to YouTube. JL Audio uses BOM information from SOLIDWORKS to accelerate the development of assembly instructions. “Instead of a photograph of a block of wood, we quickly produced professional, detailed installation instructions as animations, which dramatically improved the representation of our product and our partner’s product,” Turrisi says. “Automating BOM creation eliminates production errors.”




Audio Industry


SOLIDWORKS Composer technical communication software


  • Accelerated time-to-market by at least one month
  • Produced higher quality documentation faster
  • Leveraged QR code scanning technology
  • Enabled documentation and BOM creation concurrent with design

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