Kuruda Engineering Sdn Bhd

“Sometime customer will ask: What are the design tools that you are using? After knowing that it is SOLIDWORKS, they are confident with our design.”

Michael Yong, Technical Sales Manager

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About Kuruda Engineering Sdn Bhd

Kuruda Engineering Sdn Bhd started their business from year 1996 as a trading company. From year 2000, the company starts to move to machine fabrication and automation. They design and fabricate customize application to suit the customers’ needs. What Kuruda provide are as below:

  • Customized design for automation
  • Customized fabrication for oven and furnaces
  • Customized fabrication for thermocouples and RTD’s sensor
  • Customized designers and manufacturer of heating element


  • SOLIDWORKS enable designer to do a more complicated design.
  • Everything shows clearly in 3D and able to reduce
    miscommunication. Technician able to do the assembly based on
    the 3D model independently, with less assistance.


  • The fast response and support from IME team has helped us to solve the issues faced during product design.
  • The training that was provided by IME is very good and useful to enhance our knowledge on the software.



Machine Design




  • Able to handle complicated design and increase the project taking.
  • Reduce the wastage and engineering failure.
  • Shorten the design process and product launching date.
  • Easier to explain and present the design to client.

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