In many industries, 3D design is well-known for its importance not only for visualization of ideas, but also to detect issues early in the design process instead of building prototypes, hence, eliminating cost and save time.

While 3D CAD has become a popular demand in the industry in Malaysia, 2D CAD solutions still remain crucial in certain industries like construction, architecture, electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems and even some manufacturing process.

The CAD technology has been evolving rapidly through the years and there are tremendous innovations along the way.

With a number of available software out there, and many new solutions emerging into the market, you might be wondering which one is best 2D CAD software download is right for you.

DraftSight Malaysia

Introducing DraftSight; a feature-rich 2D and 3D CAD solution to create, edit, view, and markup any DWG file with greater ease, speed, and efficiency.

It is developed by Dassault Systems, which is a worldwide scientific and technology company, and the owner of 13 brands including SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, and SIMULIA.

Thus, Draftsight integrates seamlessly with these solutions, enabling you to transfer data, view, or edit your designs while utilizing all your existing applications.

Why DraftSight?

Do you know a lot of companies spend a lot of money for yearly payment on 2D CAD software?

Well, you don’t have to do that. With Draftsight Malaysia, you are able to choose between annual subscription or perpetual license, where you only need to do one-off payment during the purchase, and you can continue using the life-long license. Get your quote here.

Apart from the cost efficiency, what makes Draftsight different from other 2D CAD solutions is that it has several enhanced features such as Image Tracer, which can help you generate lines and entities automatically, directly from your existing drawings originated from any format, including pdf.

Transitioning to DraftSight Malaysia Made Easy

If you are considering switching from your old 2D CAD software to Draftsight, rest assured that the transition will be a breeze.

Not only that Draftsight 2D CAD software download is fully compatible all your current or legacy DWG files, but the User Interface, commands and navigation is also similar to other 2D CAD software.

You will find yourself adapting to the user-friendly environment in no time.

More Info about Draftsight 2D CAD software download

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– Eka Darwin, Application Engineer, IME Technology Sdn Bhd.