Kyntec Corporation

“The success of our company depended on developing products the right way from the beginning. There was no margin for error. To be faster and better than competitors, we needed the design visualization, communication, and production capabilities of SOLIDWORKS and the process control, workflow automation, and revision controls of EPDM.”

Rajen S. Shah, Managing Director

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About Kyntec Corporation

A group of professionals with over 40 years of combined kinetic energy absorption technology experience banded together in 2012 to form KYNTEC Corporation. The company has leveraged its experience and expertise in supplying engineered custom solutions for the most demanding industrial, aerospace, and defense damping systems applications to become a major player in the energy absorption technology market

In just one year, the company has created multiple product lines ranging from shock absorbers and hydraulic damping equipment to rate controllers and recoil management systems. With roughly 40 percent of its business in standard products and 60 percent comprising engineered-to-order or made-toorder “specials,” KYNTEC has quickly established a reputation for advanced technology, fast delivery, and top-notch quality.

Having managed CAD evaluations and implementation decisions in the past, KYNTEC management selected SOLIDWORKS® Professional design software and SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM (EPDM) product data management software as its standard solutions.

Fast Quality Certifications

With SOLIDWORKS solutions, KYNTEC was able to rapidly achieve important workflow automation and revision controls for its development processes. The workflow automation and design data control of EPDM were especially important for attaining these industry-critical development processes.

Rapid Development Of Product Lines

Using SOLIDWORKS design tools in an EPDM-controlled development environment, KYNTEC has ramped up new product development. The company’s engineers have made extensive use of SOLIDWORKS design configuration tools to create entire product families in just two weeks.




Automotive & Transportation


SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM – 1 years


  • Delivered specials two to three times faster than competitors
  • Created product families in just two weeks
  • Realized workflow automation and revision control quickly
  • Supported rapid growth while remaining lean

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