The third part of our series is here!


Last week, we discussed about Parts in SOLIDWORKS, which includes the many features that are held dear by our users.


Let’s kick off the third part today and learn more about Drawings features!


Flag Note Bank

When creating notes, you can now create tabulated data that is called Flag Data Bank so that you may point it again to create balloons or marking.

Sheet Scale

You can now directly change Sheet Scale from the bottom without needing to open drawing properties. You can even create a custom scale there.

Mirroring View

With this new Mirroring View feature, you no longer need to change component orientation.

Hole Callout

With this new feature, you can easily explain hole information.

Tolerance Modifier Dimension

New type of modifier dimension for you to define more on their dimension tolerances.

Hole Table
There is some extra settings for you to customise their hole table.

BOM Table
Exporting Bill of Material now includes graphical view to improve visibility process.

Detailing Mode

Apart from assemblies, detailing mode is also available for drawings. It is very useful for you to minor edit your assemblies and drawings due to no component loaded in that process. With this enhancement, you can also open any drawing file even if they do not have their referenced models.

Editing Several Dimension Type
Chain, Baseline and Ordinate dimension can be directly edited. You will no longer need to create new dimension again to add information.

In-context Menu
Several in-context menus has been added. The most useful one is the circular dimension type.

Geometric Tolerance
Defining geometric tolerance now becomes easier with the new interface.

Pre-defined View
Creating template using pre-defined view now supports flat pattern view type.

What’ New2016201720182019202020212022
Flag Note Bank to highlight notes
Change Sheet Scale Directly
Emphasize Detail View
Create Mirror View
Hole Callout Feature
Trailing Zero Adjust
Tolerance Modifier Dimension
Hole Table extra settings
Graphical View when exporting BOM table
Detailing Mode
Edit custom scale directly
Edit Chain, Baseline and Ordinate dimension directly
Open drawing that do not have referenced models
Circular Dimension In-Context Menu
Geometric Tolerance new interface
Pre-defined views for Flat

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