How to model a crease surface?
On this post, i will mentioned and shared a simple tutorial about modeling a crease surface in SolidWorks. I think the image below has give a good explanation on crease surface.

So my objective in this post will be sharing with you, how to model these surfaces in SolidWorks. First, I draw 3 straight surface that indicated as below.
Then, I create a dummy surface by using loft feature. This is a simple loft surface that the inner surface angle increases gradually. Have difficulty to understand? I also have difficulty in explanation this.

So, I did a screen captured from different view angle and hope you will understand better on my so called “dummy surface”

Then, I use boundary surface features to create the connecting surface. The most important option to check in this features is the “curvature to face” options. This is to make sure the connecting surface have curvature continuity with “dummy surface”

After that, we just need to delete the dummy surface and recreate the straight side surface. Then we are done.
The main idea of this tutorial is to utilize a dummy surface to create a crease surface.

Here, I am showing you the entire feature manager of creating a crease surface.

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