In today’s fast-paced business world, collaborative work solutions are essential for speeding up projects and improving workflows. Companies like Microsoft and Google offer cloud-based file sharing features to streamline operations. Industries like engineering and manufacturing are also embracing collaborative tools from DASSAULT SYSTÈMES, such as SOLIDWORKS PDM and 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions, to enhance multi-user environments and manage project data effectively. These solutions cater to diverse needs and can be implemented on local servers or through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provided by DASSAULT SYSTÈMES.

Concurrent working trend has been a hot topic in a big corporate, to speed up the project lead time.

Dassault Systèmes emphasizing on how their solution can help to reduce or cut short the project lead time.

Collaborate locally in the premises!

The decision to work on the cloud or on premises depends on company practices. SOLIDWORKS PDM offers secure access to server data vaults, along with file revision and check-out features. This allows simultaneous collaboration on project data within the company premises.

The vault supports SOLIDWORKS and office document formats, providing flexibility for file storage and management. When using PDM, reference files are temporarily locked during check-in, allowing other users to work without affecting the model geometry.

SOLIDWORKS enables multi-user collaboration in read-only assembly files, where geometry serves as external references. Requesting a reload updates the geometry data while preserving read-only access.

The SOLIDWORKS PDM is specialized in file management and comes with additional benefits to allow multi-user on one project.

When the file is reserved, other users still can open the file for geometry, but unable to make changes or add new features on that file.

Check-in and check-out features allow file owner to control the accessibility of the project files from other project members.

Collaborate works on cloud

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform, provided alongside new SOLIDWORKS software with cloud services, offers a free basic role for communication and collaboration. Users can create project workspaces for specific groups, benefiting from the platform’s core features and flexible deployment options.

The Enovia PLM feature in the II role enables users to establish project groups, reserve files in advance, and access the latest CAD geometry while maintaining the original design integrity and file revision history for streamlined collaboration and accelerated product development timelines.

3DEXPERIENCE provides cloud applications for user to view and manage their files in 3Drive or 3DSpace.

The lock feature in 3DEXPERIENCE similar to the check-in feature, to reserve your file from unwanted changes from another member.

The maturity state in the platform, allow user to achieve the files and to be reuse anytime in the future project.

The evolving work style and workflow have significantly impacted traditional processes. Employers now prioritise investing resources to streamline project timelines and enhance process efficiency. Improving process efficiency is a key consideration for companies investing in software solutions. Finding the right reseller is crucial for successful software implementation. Rather than relying on freelance feedback, seeking advice from certified professionals is recommended.

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– Henry Chai, Senior Application Engineer