All this while, Dassault Systemes has always emphasise on reducing files in cloud or local drive. They come out with a few modules, specialist in arranging and managing the files to prevent users redesign same CAD data. Instead od redesigning , we always encourage users to reuse the CAD data, create new revision, create a modified version – it does not only save their time, but they can easily organise the files in the data vault.

Design process cycle in 3DEXPERIENCE platform

To keep their promises, Dassault Systèmes introduced these management systems into their cloud drive, allowing users to standardize their CAD data in the vault, so to save more storage space in the cloud drive, especially 3DDrive. It does not only manage the similar files in the vault, it also comes with different features such as the life cycle of the files and files reservation to prevent other users making changes at the same time.

Life Cycle

When it comes to the life cycle of a file in your 3DDrive or 3DSpace, there is a section to check on the file maturity in the cloud system. The maturity status of the file indicates the status of the files, whether the file can be accessed by others or not, or whether the files can be reused or to obsolete in the vault. The status of these files allow users to understand how the file owner manages the files and if the owner is still working on the files.

The maturity status can be seen at the collaborative space, users can easily get quick update on the user file status

File maturity status can be easily changed, switch between stages when users go to the life cycle categories in 3DEXPERIENCE

When the file is in Private status, it refers to the file still in process of work and only accessible by the file owner.

When the file is ready after the early stage, the owner can change the status to In Work, and grant unrestricted access to other users so others can start to collaborate on the same project – to modify the CAD model in the collaborative space.

Once the file is modified, the owner can set it to Frozen and to submit the file to management for approval before sending out for production. Meanwhile, it will lock the file from others to make additional changes during the approval stage.

Once the file is ready for production, Released documents are no longer able to make any changes by other users. It will consider the last version of the file as the finalized version and further modifications are not needed anymore after the approval from the management.

After the files are sent for production or marketplace for fabrication, the owner can change the file maturity status to Obsolete to indicate the files are no longer in use after the project is complete. If the file owner would like to reuse these obsoleted files, we recommend them to always create a new revision from it so users would not get confused the modified files with the original files.

Only files owner is allowed to switch the files maturity status if the owner wants to change from Frozen to In Work at the collaborative space.

File Reservation

Back in the days, when we talk about working together on a project, it means we require VPN connection to connect one of the users’ computers to share the same hardware to do the work. If it happens to have an unstable internet connection, it will lead to the delay of the project progress.

Working with the same CAD data files as others can be a very hectic thing during a project collaboration, even though working together on the same data will speed up work progress. However, conflict of data might occur if two people are working in the same section. To reduce or avoid this issue, the 3DEXPERIENCE comes with a section allowing users to lock or reserve the file, only allowing one person to work on the data while others can only view and check on the files. Once the owner completes his part of work, the other users will have to request permission to modify or access the files. Once the file is unlocked by the file owner, then other users can start to contribute their work.

Lock feature allows user to temporarily restrict the modification  access to the files, preventing other users accidentally make changes without permission.

Because collaborative cloud solutions were released, most of the users heavily rely on VPN to complete their project and task at the same hardware in the company.

Next-Gen Workflow


From the past, we heavily relied on email and text messages to convey important messages or  to notify users. When these features roll out together with 3DEXPERIENCE, it is time for everyone to rise, to make a move towards cloud and digital solutions.

Utilizing these hot tools allows users to have fast communication and collaborate on work simultaneously, flawlessly on cloud without the VPN connection. If you are interested on these CLOUD collaboration feature or case study, please do not hesitate to contact us at