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This short course introduces the concepts of size control and material tolerances. After defining terminology to be used, geometric characteristics and symbols, the course demonstrates how the geometric system works, using practical applications, blue-print reading and interpretation. The course covers application of position tolerance measurement and limits of size methods. Form tolerances for configurations such as flatness, straightness and roundness are discussed, and datum reference methods are covered in detail.

Orientation tolerances are also discussed, for perpendicular, parallel and profile views of various items. Profile and position tolerances are covered, as are co-axial, symmetrical and concentric applications.

Understanding geometric dimensioning and tolerance is essential for anyone reading blue prints. Important for academic instructors who conduct design and manufacturing related courses

Who Should Attend

Individuals performing inspection, design, manufacturing and assembly.


Day 1 Day 2
1 Introduction 7 Position, General
• Specifying the position tolerance
• Regardless of feature size
• Maximum material condition
• Shift tolerance
• Boundary conditions
• “0” positional tolerancing at MMC
2 Dimensioning and Tolerancing Fundamentals 8 Position, Location
• Fasteners
• Projected tolerance zones
• Multiple patterns of features
• Composite positional tolerancing
• Two single-segment feature control frames
• Nonparallel holes
• Counterbored holes
• Noncircular features at MMC
• Symmetrical features at MMC
3 Symbols, Terms, and Rules  9 Position, Coaxiality
4 Datums 10 Concentricity & Symmetry
5 Form controls
• Flatness
• Straightness
• Circularity
• Cylindricity
11 Runout
6 Orientation
• Parallelism
• Perpendicularity
• Angularity
12 Profile

Class Format

2 days
Instructor led
Presentation, exercises, evaluation and discussion



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