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Plastic design


Industry: Plastic design
Previous CAD: Unigraphics, AutoCad
Product(s) Used: SolidWorks 2012

Success Metrics;
  • Shorten the time consumption on editing the model design.
  • Increased the performance, as SolidWorks reduce the probability of having technical problem regarding the software.
  • Easier to adapt and master the software, as the command tools and user interface are straight forward and simple.
  • Lower design error, as each part is interlinked therefore when one part has some changes done, others part will automatically change accordingly.

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Manufacturing(George Kent)


Industry: Manufacturing
Previous CAD: AutoCad, Solid Edge
Product(s) Used: SolidWorks & SolidWorks Simulation

Success Metrics;
  • Reduce the development time & cost with SolidWorks user friendly CAD software.
  • Reduce file translation issue with mold supplier who is using SolidWorks.              

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Heavy Industry


Industry: Heavy Industry
Previous CAD: AutoCad
Product(s) Used: SolidWorks 2012 with Simulation

Success Metrics;
  • 5o% reduce production time.
  • Develop more new designs in a single year.
  • Design right at the first time.
  • Reduce costly prototyping and physical testing.
  • Sell potential customers with rendering and animation to give more realistic 3D presentation.
  • More innovative design.

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Machine design


Industry: Machine design
Previous CAD: AutoCad
Product(s) Used: SolidWorks

Success Metrics;
  • Able to handle complicated design and increase the project taking.
  • Reduce the wastage and engineering failure.
  • Shorten the design process and product launching date.
  • Easier to explain and present the design to client.               

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