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Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd


Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods - Retail
Previous CAD: Rhinoceros 3D
Product(s) Used: SolidWorks Subscription Package,
SolidWorks Premium 2012, 2013

Success Metrics;
  • Increase productivity by 51%.
  • Reduced product design cycle by 72%.
  • Eliminate cost of error – saved 95% on re-working mould.

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Die Casting and Machining of Precision, Aluminium Alloy Products


Industry: Die Casting and Machining of Precision, Aluminium Alloy Products
Previous CAD: No PDM system
Product(s) Used: SolidWorks Enterprise PDM & SolidWorks

Success Metrics;
  • Shortened the implementation period
  • Enable user easily access & communicate globally
  • Easier to implement & maintain
  • Higher security protection for customer’s intellectual property
  • Fasten & increase the accuracy of ISO Documentation Process

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TPM Engineering Sdn Bhd


Industry: Engineering Services
Previous CAD: AutoCad
Product(s) Used: SolidWorks

Success Metrics;
  • Confident in design.
  • Offer quicker design solutions.
  • Priceless customers satisfaction.

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Sheet Metal fabrication

Industry: Sheet Metal fabrication
Previous CAD: AutoCAD
Product(s) Used: SolidWorks 2012

Success Metrics;
  • Shorten the design cycle by at least 25%-40% from case to case basis
  • Reducing ECOs time by 50%
  • Reduce the design error by 70%
  • Improved collaboration between shop floor and design team
  • Better communication to customer with 3D layout thus increase the level of customer satisfaction
  • Short learning curve and ease of use

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