Enterprise Product Data Management

Product Data management is essential for businesses to have complete control over all design information and eliminate concern about version control or data loss. With SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, important confidential files are securely stored and can be quickly retrieved using a variety of search attributes, such as part number, description, or workflow status. Collaboration and data reuse are promoted reducing duplicate files and redundant work. Design processes are easily followed and with increased efficiency. You get to spend more time in innovation and improving products, rather than non-value-adding activities like searching for files checking file revisions.

Why Enterprise PDM:

  • Store and share files securely with within the intelligent vault
  • Work with you team from any location whilst maintaining the correct workflow and file revision.
  • Create electronic workflow to ensure processes and procedures are followed
  • Share data securely among different departments and locations

Technical benefits on reducing overall development cost:

>> Gain time by working faster
>> Improve Workflow
>> Gain full control over project documentation

Other useful tools: SolidWorks n!Fuze

SolidWorks n!Fuze software is a CAD-specific sharing and collaboration solution that enables designers and engineers to work together on new ideas without the need to set up servers or other IT infrastructure.

  SolidWorks Enterprise PDM SolidWorks WorkGroup PDM
(SolidWorks Premium and Professional)
Secure Access
Revision Control
Find Files
File History
Custom Configuration  
Find and Reuse Design Data  
Full Document Preview  
Distributed Design Teams  
Remote Access  
Automated Approval Process  
Audit Trail  


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