SolidWorks Simulation (FEA)

Analyse, Test and Simulate your designs in real-world conditions on the durability, static and dynamic response, motion of assembly, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics before manufacture – save cost of error or rework. SolidWorks Simulation helps designers and engineers to innovate, test and develop better products with greater insights.

The SolidWorks Simulation Packages includes solutions for Structural Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Structural Optimisation, Fatigue Analysis, Electronics Cooling, Motion Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and more.

Technical benefits on reducing overall development cost:

Find Hidden Design Problems Early
Fix Hidden Threats To your Designs

>> 3D Animations and Photorealistic Renderings
>> Design for Cost: Manufacturing Cost Estimation

  SolidWorks Premium SolidWorks Simulation Professional SolidWorks Simulation Premium SolidWorks Flow Simulation SolidWorks Flowwith HVAC Applications module SolidWorks Flow with the Electronics Cooling module
Linear static Simulation for Assembly      
Time Based Mechanism Simulation      
Event-Based Motion Simulation        
Design comparison with parametric Simulation  
Design optimization Simulation        
Frequency Simulation        
Buckling or Collapse Simulation        
Thermal Simulation  
Pressure Vessel Design Simulation        
Drop Test Simulation        
Fatigue Simulation        
Submodeling Simulation        
Plastic and Rubber Components Simulation          
Large Displacement structural Simulation          
Plastic Deformation and Residual Stresses Simulation          
Composites Components Simulation          
Forced Vibrations Simulation          
Nonlinear Dynamics          
Fluid Flow Simulation      
Comfort parameters Simulation          
Advanced Radiation Simulation          
Electronic Cooling Simulation          


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