Reverse Engineering

We provide reverse engineering services from measuring, scanning and inspection to CAD re-modeling, with the following tools:



Metronor is a wireless probing system offering highest flexibility and accuracy for large  volume measurement, in particularly the jigs & fixtures for aerospace and automotive. It measures up to 10m object with high accuracy and flexibility. Metronor has delivered portable CMM systems to most demanding industries due to its high portability and accuracy.


The portable arm CMM, has flexibility to take measurements anywhere, anytime for any size in common mechanical parts. With its CAD to PART inspection features, it provides an alternative to layout machines. The system has been well accepted by the automotive and aerospace industries.


Mephisto's strength is in its flexibility, in its advanced software algorithms and ever growing toolset. And it is probably the only one 3d scanner in the world that could be easily improved as time goes by.


Master3DGage’s handy, quick-mount CMM system allows easy setup for on-demand measurement and inspections anywhere on the shop floor. It allows you to verify parts quickly, in process, without removing or repositioning them.




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