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Inspire and Be Inspired.

IME promotes life-long learning where employee wellbeing and development (personal and professional) is one of the main focuses of your career path. Our success is built on hiring and developing the right people who want to make a difference.

IME welcomes all who are keen to share and grow, enthusiastic and passionate about life to join our innovative group.

For students and recent graduates who are looking for internship or kick-start your career, start your career with IME and be prepared for a challenging ride through the latest technologies in the 3D Engineering world.


Location: Penang, Ipoh, Petaling Jaya, Melaka, Johor.


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Be the Best-in-class Design and Manufacturing solution provider


Provide innovative design and manufacturing solution and services to ensure our industries and education institution fulfill their design and manufacturing needs faster, better and in a cost effective manner

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