Welding services has become one of the common services required in the fabrication process.

Main usage of welding is to connect or to attach two or more metal components become one.

However, there are a lot of aspect that we may need to look into when come to the welding processes, especially the charges and qualities on these services.

Through today article, we can get more ideas, what are the qualities of the welding processes that you can expect from their charges.

Little bit of extra surface servicing or tricks can actually show you the differences between a good welder or a bad welder.

 The comparison between coarse and fine welding quality. The weld bead at the right side, quite rough, consume too much feed during the welding process.

Spatter become the second aspect that we need to look into. Why spatter is important for the end welding product? If your weld component consists many spatter, end user may required to spend extra time to remove the spatter, which the whole assembly required a smooth surface at the welding part.

Cleaning the welding area is a good trick to reduce the splats during the welding process

If you cleaning both welding contact area, can provide a smoother welding process and less spatter being produced.

End result of the weld components, left component is weld with a clean / polished surface, compare to right components less spatter produced.

A little bit of Anti Spatter spray also will produce a cleaner or less spatter welded part.

The spatter from the welding, relatively low, shows that, experience and skillset of the welder in this service line is very important

Skill to control the welding flow also becoming a factor that determine the welding quality

Good control of the welding flow, allow you to optimize the weldment feed and reduced the wastage and produced a more uniform weld bead.

Using 4 welding point, can also be a method to provide a smooth welding flow, by preventing the object to move around during the welding process.

Using the grind tools to reduce the point size, but at the same time able to hold the two welding components.

Closer view on the welding point, differences between after and before.

After spraying the anti-spatter and other technics above, you will get a high-quality weld component, usually the most expensive welding process you found in fabrication industry.

Different skillset from the welder will give you different welding quality.

So, make sure that you know these welding services. From the worst to the best – you may need to identify yourself.

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