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SolidWorks Discovery: How to save your own weldment profile?

Many don't know how to save their own standard weldment profile in SolidWorks, some may even do not know there is a function called Weldment in SolidWorks where it can help you a lot when your design involve a combination of structural member!Sometimes, the standard...

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Wanna have a Christmas Mystery Gift?

IME wish you a merry Christmas, SolidWorks wish you a merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year………….Year 2009 is leaving us soon, thanks for joining SolidWorks Malaysia community. We appreciated your support, your participation for all the...

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Lucky Winner for IME SolidWorks Xpresso

Hello fellow friend, thanks for joining IME SolidWorks Xpresso on 10th Dec – 14th Dec 2009.We get well respond and support from all SolidWorks design engineer in Malaysia during the online seminar. I am sure all of us enjoy the session very much. (Which session you...

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Local designer, we need you!

for a country to grow, we need young, fresh, innovative designer to come up with new state-of-the-art design. You do not need to design an aeroplane or alien spacecraft to make you special. Something simple, something out of the box, something will make others say "...

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Let’s learn some basic surfacing technique!

Hey friends! Take a look on the figure below, here are two similar model with simple geometry, but when you take a closer look, you will notice there are a bit difference between this two models. As indicate in my picture, the ending face of the 1st model are normal...

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BOOOM~~ *APPEARing...*hiiyooooo~ Good days everyone.. finally, tyler here again. This is my latest work by SolidWorks, Ninja~~~For this ninja.. What i wanna share here is... Once we finish the modeling, we may do the appearances assignments in the SolidWorks...

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fastest car in the world; fastest car designed in SolidWorks

Lots of time, I facing this question." Er... can SolidWorks design car ar?" Most of them are ask for fun, some of them are waiting me to say no and say, "Cheh! your software also not powerful 1". But sorry to disappoint them, my answer is 'YES'. Proof? Koenigsegg CCX...

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Thank you autotrace & merry early X’mas

Haha! was thinking to design something special to hang on our x'mas tree in our office. It all start with a quick hand drafting and then I scan it, mooo~And with SolidWorks autotrace, I trace it and wah lah!~ this is what I get. Still thinking to 3D print it and hang...

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SolidWorks Discovery: Delete Face & Replace Face

SolidWorks Surfacing ToolsHi friends, recently I am working with a customer who are designing model which need a lot of surfacing techniques, here I would like to share two simple surfacing commands with you guys which are very useful and save you a lot of time when...

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