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SolidWorks Rx- Are you machine better than mine?

The hardware performance always a topic of discussion when a group of user hanging out. Want to know what is the level of performance of your hardware? Do your hardware performance meeting your expectation? Are mine better than yours? Purely compare with your...

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Announcement: SolidWorks 2011 sp2.0

"Sorry for my MIA. Too much holiday le~"SolidWorks 2011 recently (to be exact, yesterday) launched the latest service pack, sp2.0. Feel free to download it from below link.CUSTOMER PORTALMore SolidWorks 2011 posts coming up, in this week. I promise.Stay tuned....

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And the Green Award goes to…… SolidWorks Sustainability

Best Green Product InnovationSponsored by Microsoft CorporationThe winner: Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. - SolidWorks Sustainability (USA)SolidWorks Sustainability incorporate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to analysis the environmental impact of a design in...

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1 more day to go

Tomorrow is the big day. Really sorry for my lack of posting. Jam pack with preparation. More posting after this. 🙂

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Get Comfortable and Get Use To It

Put your hand together for our new join member- Farizal!~ (temporary he prefer us to help posting. Soon, he going to do this by himself.)Designing by my definition is a work that required you to do it right and to do it fast. You goal is not just to finish the...

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3DVia Mobile, in HD

Iphone, Ipad, Iphone, Ipad.... Everywhere, everyday. Ever happen that 1 day in your life that you never heard, saw or mention the word " Iphone" or "Ipad"? No, right? Since this is the current trend, 3DVia did something with the 'I' too.Very common nowaday we...

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What’s next after R8 & Gallardo?

Look like Bumblebee fever still around the corner.We seen an expert modeled an Audi R8 with SolidWorks. We watched youtube for Lamboghini modeling by using SolidWorks. Now, we have another most wanted automobile appear in SolidWorks. Present to you-...

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