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Green Design contest

Happy Wesak Day~Sorry for my M.I.A for more than 20days after my last post. It's been a busy month for me, work and personal life. After a short period of MIA and Wesak holiday, I would like bring you all an exciting news. A wealthy entrepreneur "Sir Richard Doylson"...

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Tips & Tricks: Star with freeform

This ‘star’ is easily created with a very useful feature in SolidWorks.All the horns are very smooth and organic. This feature helps us to create a shape that is very organic. This useful feature no other than freeform. Freeform allow us to create those shapes are...

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All you need to do is to hold a SolidWorks® Customer Portal account by May 22 to stand a chance to win an IPad and AR.Drone.Once you have a Customer Portal account, you just need to participate in the annual customer survey, giving you a voice to provide valuable...

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Challenge 2: Import scanned data

Let's continue with our monthly challenge. Spot the different and tell us how to have this different appear.Answer in next post.Amirul (, application engineer for IME Technology, one of our dedicated technical engineer to solve your...

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Tips & Tricks: SolidWorks with matweb

Do you know that there is website out there inside World Wide Web which offering you the peace of mind of creating your own material properties?Well, introduce to you Here you have tones and tones of material properties to be choose without having the...

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Customize your materials properties

Are you aware that you can actually customize your material properties inside SolidWorks? As known, SolidWorks already has a library of standard materials. Now, let say you also have your own property library that you get from your customer/vendor, thus you want to...

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Tips & Tricks: Customize your own command manager tab

In SolidWorks command manager, there are many existing tabs for you to use, like Features, Sketch, Surfaces … and so on. It allows us to find our feature easily.Sometimes, I found that it still take my time to find the feature which I want to use especially those I...

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Tips & Tricks: Automatic Symmetric Split

One day, you receive an imported part model as below. Most of the time, we are require to do some modification on the model; it could be the model shape, dimensions of the model or even add some features on the model. Say if the model/part is symmetry, the best...

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Tutorial: Curtain hook

When helping you mother to change the curtain, have you ever come across this thing?Yes, it is a curtain hook.  This is the most popular type in the market and of course, you would find several of other design out there. But that is not the point; have you ever...

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IME support task pane- Local support in your SolidWorks

Design is not something can be done in just a minute, not to mention on amendment work after the design is done. Most of the time you are required to change or hide the parts/components in specific area. Sometimes you might have forgotten what is the best method...

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