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Tips & Tricks: Hole wizard/ Toolbox

Have you ever facing a problem that your own custom parts or parts saved out of Toolbox folder are still replaced with the standard Toolbox parts What is the problem? What could be the reason?The answer is the New Option in SolidWorks 2011.'Make...

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Tips & Tricks: Quick Dimension Changes

This time I would like to share something which may helps some of you who usually use mouse wheel to change the dimensions.Making changes to the dimensions by scrolling the mouse wheel is actually moving the “Thumb Wheel” or some recognised “Spin Box”  on the...

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Challenge 1: multibody with 1 extrude?

Time to challenge your mind. Try to create this model only using 1 feature. Yes, one and it must be extrude, not revolve. *evil*It will help you more familiar with the feature in SolidWorks. Let me know the answer. ^.^Shu Yi (,...

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Tips & Tricks: Closed Corner for sheet metal

Let’s talk about a feature in sheet metal, closed corner. I had created a part using sheet metal.But I have a situation here, after I flatten it, there is a gap (Highlighted in red circle). But I don’t want the gap, so I decided to remove the unwanted material; to...

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Performance: Is Your Graphic Card Certified? (part 2)

Do you have a graphic card installed in your machine (what a lame question)? If yes, wondering is the graphic card in used is supported by SolidWorks? If you are not sure the answer, I can guide you how to get the answer.Go to Start Menu > All Program >...

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Seeding a better tomorrow

To meet the concerns of the environment, IME Technology Sdn Bhd as the frontline of solution provider of industry’s most ubiquitous MCAD software application SolidWorks, take seriously their responsibility to educate and convey the message to everyone involved in...

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Tutorial: Patterning a flange in sheet metal part

A sheet metal part will always contain the basic flanges such as base/tab, miter and edge. Some of the sheet metal design may need a set of the same geometric flanges. In SolidWorks 2011, these flanges are allowed to be copy instantaneously. Within this tutorial I...

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Performance: Graphic card testing (part 1)

Sales    : Yes, anything that I can help you?User    : I’m looking for a graphic card, any recommended?Sales    : What type of graphic card you are looking for?User    : For SolidWorks CAD software...

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Why go for SolidWorks EPDM?

SolidWorks Enterprise Product Data Management (SW EPDM)- a Product Data Management solution that can be used to help you MANAGE, FIND, SHARE & REUSE valueble data, both within Engineering Department and throughout the Organization.However, PDM is a term that easy...

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