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Once again, we had exhibited our latest 3D solutions, ranging from design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing to inspection at the renowned annual trade show – METALTECH 2015. The show was a great success and we had a lot interesting discussion with existing and...

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Simplify & Automate Your Product Quality Process – Part II

As we've discussed about the limitations of using manual inspection method, there is a powerful tool for us to explore - to simplify and automate the product quality process. Now, let's check out SOLIDWORKS Inspection that can make quality control department's...

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Simplify & Automate Your Product Quality Process – Part I

Quality control is one of the critically important processes at any company who designs or manufactures a product. With the rise of social media, the importance of product reviews has grown and competition among products has increased dramatically. Hence, it is...

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Your Success Is Our Success

Over the years, we have remained dedicated to growing our people and strengthening our capabilities - to build trusting relationships and success with you, our dear customer. We believe that making your business even more successful through continuous innovation is...

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FREE Great Tools for CAD Drawing & Viewing l 2015

Nowadays, CAD software is a must-have tool in most design and manufacturing companies to reduce fatal design errors that may show up during production. If you’re in the industry that relies a lot on CAD tools, you probably already facing some challenges to upgrade...

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It was 7am in morning. It was cold and windy as it was the last 2 days as we made the walk to the convention center for the final time. Certainly one of the most treasured experiences in SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015.After breakfast, we went into the hall expecting the final...

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The excitement continues on day 3 for SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015, albeit the jet-lag of 15 hours.  Design thinking is something I have been exploring, it helps a lot in problem solving. It helps engineers and designers produce products that solves problems for the...

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We were all ready at 6:00am and had a 20 minutes walk to the event venue this morning. We actually found today's morning walk to be rather exciting... because we were on our way for the much anticipated SOLIDWORKS World 2015!Once we arrived at the event venue, we were...

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SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015! Happening Right now!  As usual, upon registration we get a cool back pack (it gets better every year!), and an event T-shirt: Topics on the plate today:  SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams: Early birds who rock up today could take the...

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