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IMEDC2014 Finalists – Congratulations!

Fellow Future Leaders, Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been. Albert EinsteinCongratulations for completing the IMEDC2014 - Product Lifecycle Challenge - Designing a Sustainable Future! You are now one step...

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Electrical Symbol Attribute

Are you still typing your electrical component’s information on to the symbols manually? Manually typing the component’s information is very time consuming and may cause mistake. Copy paste to reuse a symbol will speed up the process but you still need to edit the...

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Electrical Design – Manufacturer part library

Are you ready for another electrified week? An electrical symbol is used to represent an electrical component. It was in a simple and easy to understand format. But an electrical component can be manufactured by many companies and each of them has their own...

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Engineers need a break from documentation & data!

Nowadays, most of the engineers are multitaskers, they deal with thousand of drawings, documents, forms, reports and data everyday.What do they produce?Intellectual Property and valuable data of a company that used by several departments for revenue...

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SolidWorks 2015: 3D Print from SolidWorks!

One of the new features I really like is the new Intergrated 3D Printer Support in SolidWorks 2015. You can click Print3D from the Property Manager and select your 3D printer from the dropdown list, just like how you normally print a document! You can choose the...

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SolidWorks 2015 is Here!

Are you excited to see What's New in SolidWorks 2015? I know I am! We have gathered someFeatures Sneak Peek:Sneak Peek 1: Profile Center Mate, one of the new features in SOLIDWORKS 2015 is sure to be a favorite of any user who creates Assemblies on a regular...

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Building a Quadcopter Part 3

Previous post HERE We continue on development on the main frame of the quadcopter. The center frame will house some essential parts such as the control board, battery and the radio receiver.The sketch above shows the placement of the Control Board and Battery...

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Building a Quadcopter Part 2

Previous Post HEREDesigning the Arms A quad copter has 4 extended arms (logically). they all are connected to the main frame that houses the computing board and battery. Design a way to assemble the arm to the main body that would be sturdy and fixed in a axle...

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