CadMouse Product Line


CadMouse Pro Wireless

The Precision Ergonomic Mouse for CAD Professionals
The full size wireless mouse purpose-built for supremely comfortable use, with superior ergonomics and lasting durability.

CadMouse Pro Wireless Left

The Left-Side Solution for CAD Professionals
For CAD users who prefer or require a left-handed mouse. Offering precision and advanced ergonomics in a left-handed body.


The Mouse for CAD Professionals
A full size wired mouse with a high precision laser sensor with 8.200 dpi and CAD specific features for a comfortable and efficient workflow.

CadMouse Wireless

Design for the Mobile CAD Specialist
The compact wireless mouse with a high-precision optical sensor, with up to 2 months of battery life. 

CadMouse Pad

CadMouse Pad

Perfect Balance between Precision and Comfort
The large versin of the CadMouse Pad is ideal if you work with a multi monitor setup and high resolution displays. Its width of 350mm reduces the need to lift and reposition your mouse.

CadMouse Pad Compact

Perfect Balance between Precision and Comfort
With 250 mm x 250 mm the CadMouse Pad Compact is large enough for classic workstation setups and small enough to take it with you as part of your mobile workplace.