Strong Arm Technologies, Inc.

“SOLIDWORKS software has enabled us to communicate effectively, whether with manufacturers, suppliers, or industrial design partners.”

Sean Petterson, CEO.

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About Strong Arm Technologies, Inc.

Sean Petterson and Justin Hillery grew up with fathers whose bodies endured enormous physical strain at their blue-collar jobs, resulting in negative physical consequences from their work in the latter part of their lives. As students at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the pair became motivated by their fathers’ experiences to collaborate on Petterson’s idea for designing an ergoskeleton that makes lifting easier, with the goal of minimizing lifting injuries and improving the lives of everyday workers.

Their passion and dedication led to the founding of Strong Arm Technologies, Inc., and the development of the Strong Arm Ergoskeleton. Many occupations require lifting, including material handlers, dockworkers, baggage handlers, and warehouse workers, and studies show that $50 billion is spent annually compensating injuries to workers who lift incorrectly. The Strong Arm Ergoskeleton uses a cabling system to lessen the impact of lifting loads, correcting posture and reducing fatigue in the process.

Strong Arm Technologies chose SOLIDWORKS® solutions to optimize the product’s performance, implementing SOLIDWORKS design, SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis, and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional injection-molding simulation software. The company chose SOLIDWORKS software because it’s easy to use and offers the suite of integrated design and analysis tools that Strong Arm Technologies needs to refine and introduce its product.


Accelerating Product Development

Using SOLIDWORKS solutions, Strong Arm Technologies has efficiently completed 22 iterations of the ergoskeleton. The V22™ has evolved to become a self-powered exoskeleton. The technology bolsters a worker’s musculoskeletal system to make lifting more natural, safe, and powerful. The product is the first precision lifting ergoskeleton in the world. It establishes an entirely new category of safety equipment that enhances human performance






SOLIDWORKS design, SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis, and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional software solutions


  • Won MassChallenge Accelerator $100,000 Diamond Prize
  • Accelerated product design iterations
  • Enhanced manufacturability of design
  • Improved design performance

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