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SolidWorks Innovation Day 2009, Malaysia

IME SolidWorks Innovation Day 2009 had just com to an end. This event launched at Johor, Selangor and Penang. It was a very successful event with everyone support, especially your participants during the event. On behalf of IME, I would to take these opportunities to...

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We’re back; from IME SWID’09 JB

Hi guys/girls, we are back! Sorry for my MIA. One down, two to go!Yes, I'm talking about IME SolidWorks Innovation Day 2009 in Johor.We organize it every year in Johor-southern region, Klang Valley (mostly Shah Alam) & Penang-northern region. This is the best...

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Nice Rendering from Xixo

Hi all, here is the nice rendering from our follower-> Xixo. This is the skateboard that he design for his assigment and he would like to share with you all, just feel free to give any comment over here. Another sharing for Xixo is this...

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Photo Rendering Contest

Hi all! The announcement of the winner for Photo Rendering contest is just around the corner! Feel excited? Looking forward to 13th Oct 2009 which is the launching of SolidWorks Innovation Day by IME? Here are some of the new added entries that I would like to share...

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Final Lucky Follower

Hi Follower, as promise we are going to announce the final 2 lucky follower. Thanks for your support! I am sure SolidWorks-Malaysia Blog is a platform to gather all of us together moving toward a brighter future. Lastly, who haven’t send in their Photo rendering...

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Good News for Photo Rendering Contest!

Hi everyone, since we have very good response for the photo rendeiring contest, here we have decided to extend the due date until 4th October! For your information, this photo rendering contest was organized by IME in conjunction with the SoldWorks Innovation Day, the...

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Entry #9

Entry #9 From Tee Kwee SiangHi all, this is the 9th entry from Mr.Tee Kwee Siang! Instead of PhotoView360, he has tried out the rendering by using PhotoWorks since his SolidWorks 2009 cannot let him to put in the background as shown here. (For your information,...

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SolidWorks Innovation Day – 3D Virtual Experience

Hi member! Welcome back from Raya long holiday.Yesterday, I found a post link from Dassult Systems SolidWorks Corporation. They had taken an initiative to develop “The Virtual 3D Experience” event for SolidWorks Innovation Day 2009. The virtual seminar was so special;...

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What Will “GREEN” Look like in our future

Rainy day! Is a nice and relaxing morning, by having a cup of coffee.Suddenly I remember what Lau mention to us yesterday on Going Green and Sustainability during our meeting. Let’s search some information to share with you, why are we going green now and how can we...

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