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World Cup fever!

Do you ever think before to model a football in SolidWorks, it looks simple since it is a round shape. Somehow, when you really look into it, you will found that there is a "hidden challenge" inside! Due to the shape is form with a combination of hexagon and pentagon,...

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Monday Glance Time #8 – Desktop 3D Printer

Best Monday, everyone.. welcome to Tyler's Monday Glance Time. Due to the expeditious technology development, the machine to print a 3D object is not longer necessary to be a huge machine. It can be now put in your bedroom, on your table.. of course a normal sized...

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Tips: Intersection Curve

I have received an imported sheet metal part and was asked to create some cutting along the stepped faces. Normally, when we plan to create some cutting along a folded part we will rather to make it flatten so that it is easier for us to sketch out the shape on the...

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Monday Glance Time #7 – Micro Robots & Cyborgs

Aloha~ Good Monday, Tyler do feel great to see you all again~ Today, I'm gonna highlight on the micro/nano robot design which inspired from animals, insects and bugs. On the other hand, i will show you some researching on Cyborg insects technology, means how to...

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Msia’s Dream Bamboo Super Hybrid Car Competition

Dear Friends, For those who are interested in innovative design, I have a good news to share with you!There is a competition called -Malaysia’s Dream Bamboo Super Hybrid Car Competition, organized by the Malaysian Association of Creativity Innovation (MACRI),...

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SolidWorks Lamborghini – 5 minutes video is out

Yes, the long await Lamborghini Gallardo video is out. Dan use SolidWorks to model the exotic ride and shared a 5 minutes video on the overall steps to model it. Currently he is working on a tutorial that will show you how to model this car - from start to finish - in...

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Creativity make things amazing!

Good day to my friends here! I would like to say happy holiday to all the Malaysian as today is Wesak Day! Here, I would like to share a video which shows how can we fully utilize our living space through creativity. You will found that creativity and innovative...

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Aircraft Modeling Video

Dear Friends, I would like to share my previous aircraft design in more details, whereby, I have recapture my modeling steps in video format, So that you can see how easy to construct a modeling in SolidWorks! Hope you enjoy it!

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Monday Glance Time #6 – Flexibility and Extendibility

Ladies and gentlemen~ welcome to my Monday Glance Time, I'm Tyler here. Today I'm going to give you something about Flexible and Extendible. Due to the increasing of population, the earth's resources become more and more insufficient including the living space....

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CAD Chair- episode #1

Remember my previous blog about Jeremy latest website, let's go design? Jeremy Luchini hosting an interactive web wereby we can vote for which project to kick start. For you who following up with the interactive website, the result was out and most votes go to the CAD...

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