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FIRA ROBOWORLD 2013 Malaysia, Tiny robots with Goals.

FIRA (Federation of International Robot-soccer Association) Roboworld 2013 was held during the week in Kuala Lumpur. showcasing engineering and robotics in a week long event. The FIRA RoboWorld Congress (founded in 1996) will be co-hosted by the National...

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SolidWorks 2014 Beta, join the development and competition

SolidWorks has release their 2014 Beta edition for the public. this is a good chance for solidworks users to Discover the 200+ new enhancement that will come with the new instalment.In addition to the release,The SolidWorks 2014 Beta Program includes contests where...

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The WIRED Mecha suit and How you could design one

Remember when you where a kid and you are really into big giant Mechas you see in comic books and Saturday morning cartoons. Have you ever imagine you could wear and pilot one, looking really awesome in a costume party full of your fellow nerds, well WIRED did and...

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CSWP: It’s now compulsory in Malaysian Industries (part 2)

Gong Xi Fatt chai and a Happy “Ssssss” year. We talked about what is CSWP and the benefits of it to the user with this recognition. Let’s do role changing; now we jump into the employer shoes. Now we are the boss, why would we hire somebody with CSWP compare to other...

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Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Of all the numerous traditional Chinese festivals, I believe this is the most anticipated celebrations of all, at least for me it is. It is the time of the year where no matter where you are, studying or working abroad, you would travel across the globe just to be...

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CSWP: It’s now compulsory in Malaysian Industries

CSWP or Certified SolidWork Professional is acknowledgement given to personnel that have advance skill in SolidWorks modeling after passed the require examination. It’s the same as other professional field like CCNA (Cisco certified network associate) in computer...

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